Interview: Ylva & Linda “Stay true to your goals & dreams”!

I have had the pleasure of interviewing the very talented Swedish musical twin sister duo Ylva & Linda!

These talented sisters have composed, written & produced a variety of songs that have competed in a number of musical competitions through the past few years.

Check out what Ylva & Linda had to say to us below!

Hi Ylva & Linda, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Could you start by telling the readers about yourselves?

“We are Ylva & Linda, Swedish twin sisters, songwriters, music- and video producers, song coaches, singers, bloggers and vloggers from Stockholm.
We successfully competed as composers, producers and backing vocalists in national Eurovision Song Contest finals during 2013-2019 with 40 songs in 17 countries. 
We have released numerous singles with International artists through our registered publishing company Twinflame as well as written official songs for Europride, charity, film festivals, radio and TV. 
We are in cooperation with the Swedish label Universal.  We are also vocal coaches for a children’s choir called Rising Star doing event performances, shows, video, releases and TV.
We have many years of experience as show artists at clubs, company gigs, events with theme ABBA, Eurovision, 70s disco etc.”

What first inspired you to pursue a career in the music industry?

“Eurovision and the Swedish Melodifestivalen inspired us since we were 7 years old and watched our first TV broadcasts. We fell in love with the concept of the contest, the music, the different styles and languages, we learned the songs even in foreign language and wanted to write our own music. We were singing since 1 years old and we started playing the piano at the age of 7 and started writing songs at school and then at around 20 years old, we wrote our own songs with synthesizers, recording devices and computers sequencer programs. Since more than 10 years back we have done regular professional performances with cover bands as well as our own show gigs with different themes like ABBA, Eurovision and Disco classics. We have been involved in different song and artists competitions for radio, TV, events etc for more than 15 years and since 7 years back we’ve had bigger success as composers in different projects and for national selections to Eurovision.”

What influences you during your songwriting proccess? 

“We get influenced by new great music and other songwriters and producers (especially females!) and to work with really good teams (artists, songwriters, musicians, producers…) in the process of creating a song is very important for us, to move forward and have a common goal from start to end. Trust is also very important when there are no clear rules or path to follow when working with music. A new song idea can pop up when you’re out shopping or it can be a song idea for a co-write that you work on together with some really great artists. We feel that even if releasing and competing with music is so much more than just the creative process – it’s actually mostly about everything else than music – it’s still important to keep that focus on the initial love for the creation and not forget it in the process.”

Over the past few years, you have become part of the Eurovision circuit & have entered a variety of ESC national selections. Can you tell us a bit more about how you first started writing songs for ESC selections?

“In our hearts, our goal has always been to reach the Swedish national selection “Melodifestivalen” and we started off writing our own songs and actually submitted our first song there 20 years ago as artists, songwriters and producers. This Swedish song “Stanna hos mig” later became a Christmas song release and we also released the original a few years ago on Spotify and Youtube. We competed in a online pre-selection to Melodifestivalen in 2010 with our Swedish song “Varje steg” called Webbjokern and then we started reaching out to artists around Europe for cooperations. In 2013 Moldovan TV accepted songs to match with artists for their national selection and we were so excited to get selected with our song “I need you now” and the artist Inaya. We took a chance and travelled to Moldova for the first time as songwriters and backing vocalists live in the TV show and semi final to pursue our dream. Since then it’s been an interesting journey for us as songwriters and backing vocalists in 5 more live TV shows in Iceland, Belarus and Moldova. We also travelled as composers to Finland and Malta. We have also done live backing vocals in other languages as Moldovan, Russian and Icelandic.  ” 

How would you compare your 2019 selection experiences to previous years that you have competed

“In 2019 we have so far competed in Latvia (Monta – They eye of the beholder), Lithuania (Valerija – Scars are beautiful), Belarus (Евгений Долич – A better you) and Moldova (Ala Zasmenco – Emergency). 
On the 28th of February, we are also competing for the first time in Serbia with our song “Čudo” in Serbian and the artist Goga Stanić, which is very exciting and we hope for a good result in the semi-final.

In 2019 we had the privilege to work with some new great artists, co-composers and producers and to release some of our very best songs with these teams. There is always an individual journey for each song to reach the right destination and a lot of work and preparations despite the outcome. What people see is only the tip of the iceberg. We had hoped for better results in the auditions as last year we had 7 songs and came 3rd in the finals of Moldova and Poland! We work all-year-around with new music and always welcome new, great cooperations with talented artists with TV experience and great teams for cowrites. So, please contact us to work for 2020!”

You have worked alongside some incredible fellow singers & songwriters during your career. What are some of your personal favourite moments from your career so far & why?

“There are many memorable moments, but for Eurovision it was, of course, our first time on TV as backing vocalists and composers in Moldova 2013, arriving at a new country where there were also some cultural and language barriers. But going out on stage and singing our own song live was a big, heartfelt moment. Other big moments were travelling as backing vocalists and composers to Belarus and Iceland and achieving 3rd place in the finals. Another wonderful experience was to perform our Euro-pride song “Surrender” live at Reykjavik Pride with an audience on 100 000 people together with the Eurovision star Sigga Beinteins.”

What are some of the biggest challenges you find working in the music industry?

“Everyone has their unique journey in the music industry and its of course hard not to compare yourself with others. Over the last 7 years we competed with 40 songs in 17 countries and we’re finding it challenging that we’ve not yet reached our biggest goals and dreams of getting selected with one of our songs for the Swedish national selection or winning and competing with one of our songs in the “big” Eurovision selection. Other challenges for us are to be , of course, and producers in a music industry dominated by male producers and composers. We think that the music industry would really benefit from better and more clear conditions and rules for composers and artists and for everyone to get paid what they are worth for creative work. 
However, we’re really happy and grateful for all the cooperations and support we’ve had that push us to keep going.”

Have you got any upcoming releases that you can tell us about? 

“We have just finished the releases of our Eurovision entries for 2019 and coming up next is  “Čudo” out on Spotify, hopefully in a few days! We are always working on new music and what’s coming up next is a Swedish radio contest called P4 Nästa where we are submitting songs written together with some Swedish artists and keep our fingers crossed for the selections. We hope to be able to share these songs with you during the spring. “

What advice would you give to anyone who was looking at pursing a career in the music industry?

“Stay true to your goals and dreams, keep moving forward, give it a lot of time and take it step by step, give yourself credit for your small achievements and make sure that you have good and trustworthy supporters around you as there are ups and downs, always.”

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

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