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Review: Rebecka Karlsson Releases Her Empowering New Single “Who I Am”!

Rebecka Karlsson has released her empowering new single titled “Who I Am”!

Rebecka’s latest single focuses on self-confidence & how we should never be afraid to show the world our true selfs, even when people might try to bring us down.

I find that the song features a very strong build from beginning to end. The way that the melody gives a chance for the passion to build within Rebecka’s voice, helps to deliver an impact that captures your attention within the first 30 seconds of listening.

There is a certain quality behind Rebecka’s musical style that just screams future superstar. The impact that she is able to deliver with this song, shows the fierce & passionate determination that features within her voice & gives you a chance to connect with the lyrics on your own personal level. I believe that Rebecka has a very bright musical future ahead!

You can check out “Who I Am” on YouTube below!

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