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Review: Monta’s Vocals Shine On “The Eye Of The Beholder”!

Singer/songwriter Monta has recently released the incredibly catchy single “The Eye Of The Beholder”, which was co-written by Ylva & Linda Persson, Kaspars Ansons, Christopher Wortley & Monta herself.

The song features a very catchy flow from start to finish, with lyrics that feature a strong message about how we should look past what we believe is perfection & focus on what is real.

Monta has a very engaging voice that reflects both the passion behind the lyrics & the passion that features deep within her divine vocals.

Overall, I believe that this song is a perfect match for Monta. The song perfectly captivates the essense of Monta’s natural talent, while giving her the chance to demonstrate the power behind it. Certainly a name I would keep an eye on!

You can check out “The Eye Of The Beholder” on Spotify below.

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