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Review: Elysa Releases Brand New Single “Dark Of The Night”!

Musician Elysa has released her brand new single titled “Dark Of The Night”!

In her latest release, Elysa speaks about lover turning their back on the love that was between them & leaving Elysa completley broken hearted, however soon after her past lover wants to appoligise & reopens the wounds that they once caused.

This new release has shown more of a vulnerable side to Elysa & given us a chance to see more of a personal side to the music that we have already come to love from this talented artist.

I honestly believe that Elysa delivers such passionate energy through her music & this song is no exception. The raw texture behind the lyrics has given us a chance to connect more with the personal energy behind the song, which has also shown a whole new side to Elysa’s music. I know I will be playing this song for a long while to come!

You can check out “Dark Of The Night” on YouTube below!

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