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Review: Sheppard Release Incredibly Catchy Single “On My Way”!

Indie-pop band Sheppard have released the incredibly catchy single “On My Way”!

If you are looking for a song that will have you dancing along from the first few listens, well this is definetly a song for you!

Sheppard’s latest release is an uplifting & feel-good love song, which doesn’t just incorporate the style that we have grown to love from Sheppard over the years, but also gives them a chance to showcase the magnificent vocals that feature within the group.

I honestly believe that this song has all the makings of a future global hit written all over it. The song has such an infectious vibe that I can’t help but want to keep this on repeat (I am 100% guilty of this!). I don’t think it will be long before we hear this song heading to the top of the global charts & I for one am very excited to see the journey that this song is about to undertake.

You can check out “On My Way” on YouTube below.

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