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Review: Melanie Meriney Releases Brand New Single “Sober You”!

Country singer/songwriter Melanie Meriney has released her brand new single “Sober You”!

Melanie has revealed that “The song talks about a guy who is hung up on a girl so much so that he can’t even see the person right in front of him. The narrator will never get the best version of him because he has given it all to this other person”.

For me, the emotional undertone behind the songs gives Melanie a chance to reflect the emotional energy that features within her voice a chance to shine & beautifully reflects Melanie’s musical styling.

Another factor behind this song is the way that Melanie has been able to create an instant connection, which draws you into the song & gives you a chance to not only connect with the lyrics behind the song, but also the talented artist herself.

You can check out “Sober You” on Spotify below.

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