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Review: Savannah Keyes Releases Brand New Single “Hypocrite”!

Hypocrite Savannah KeyesCountry singer/songwriter Savannah Keyes has released her brand new single “Hypocrite”!

In her catchy new single, Savannah shares a very close to heart message that I believe we can all relate to in one way or another (I sure can!), by saying that we can support the people closest to us & give them advice, but we may sometimes be the worst at taking on that advice ourselves.

I feel that this catchy single really gives Savannah a clear chance to show everybody what an incredible voice she has by using the energy behind the lyrics to show the passion that features within her incredible voice.

I know for a fact that I will be singing & dancing along to this song for a long while to come & can honestly say that I believe this talented lady has a very bright musical career ahead of her!

You can listen to “Hypocrite” on Spotify below.

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