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Review: Caitie Andreen Releases Brand New EP ‘These Days’!

caitie andreen these days

Country singer/songwriter Caitie Andreen has released her brand new EP titled ‘These Days’!

In her latest EP, Caitie takes us through a journey of emotionally vulnerable lyrics, which help us to connect with Caitie on a very deep raw emotional level.

Each song featured on this incredible EP gives you a real sense of Caitie’s individual & pure musical style, as well as a chance to get a real sense of the person behind the music.

I honestly feel that when I am listening to this EP that I am listening to a future country superstar in the making. The purity that shine’s through Caitie’s incredible voice is truly something to be admired. This talented lady has a very bright future ahead!

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

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