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Review: Lexx Releases Debut Single “Runaway”!

Lexx Runaway

Indie-pop musician Lexx has released her brand new debut single titled “Runaway”!

In her debut single, I feel that Lexx has created a truly magical combination of lyrical genius & incredible vocals.

There is something so unique about Lexx’s voice, which captures your attention from the very first seconds of hearing this song. I feel that Lexx has a very fresh musical style that is shown with this catchy record.

I love the way that Lexx has used the sassy & pure elements of her vocal tone to bring the story behind the lyrics to life & give’s us a chance to see where Lexx wants to travel within her music career. In my honest opinion, I believe this could be the start of a future superstar in the making!

You can check out “Runaway” on Spotify below.

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