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Review: Auburn Road Release Incredible New Single “Outlaw”!

auburn road outlaw

Country-pop trio Auburn Road, have released their brand new single “Outlaw”, which is set to feature on their upcoming EP ‘Mustang Vol. 1’!

I have to admit that this is the first time that I have listened to Auburn Road, and now I am left wondering why on earth have I only just discovered their music now?

This song will have you dancing & rocking along from the very time that you hear it. With it’s catchy lyrics & melody you know that you are on for a real winner with this track!

I personally love the way the this talented trio use their vocals to shine together, but also give each other a chance to showcase their own unique & incredible voices. This tell’s me that this trio have such a bright & amazing career ahead of them.

These talented ladies already have a very busy schedule ahead of them with the release of their upcoming EP series ‘Mustang Vol. 1’ & ‘Mustang Vol. 2’, which are set to be released within the next few months & after listening to this song, I just can’t wait to hear them!

You can check out the official lyric video for “Outlaw” below.

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