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Review: Corinne McKnight Releases Brand New EP ‘Full Of Stars’!

corinne mcknight full of stars

Country singer-songwriter Corinne McKnight, has released her brand new 5-track EP ‘Full Of Stars’!

One thing that I love about running this blog is that I get to discover some incredible musical gems. If that gem is a single, and album, an artist. I have stumbled across some incredible musical talent.

One musical gem that I have discovered in my time of running this blog is Corinne McKnight. When I first listened to her single “Hi-Lo” a few months ago I knew that I was listening to a future Country superstar in the making.

I feel that is EP an amazing statement for Corinne’s incredible musical talent. Each song featured on this EP really gives her voice a chance to shine in a different ways, by using the strong variety of emotional elements featured in her vocal tones.

A few of my favourite tracks to feature on this EP are “Hi-Lo” & “Mars”, however I personally love every track that is featured. I could honestly listen to this EP on repeat for days & still love it as much as the first time that I heard it.

I believe that Corinne has such an amazing musical talent that will continue to shine for a very long while to come. This talented lady has such a distinctive voice, which help’s to showcase the emotional elements deep within her voice.

I feel that this an EP that you should definitely check out & you can do that on Spotify below!

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