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Review: DevoN Nickoles Releases Catchy New Single “Radio’s On”!

DevoN Nickoles Radios On

Well you ‘better sing-along if the ‘radio’s on‘, because Country-pop artist DevoN Nickoles is back with her brand new single “Radio’s On”!

For me, this catchy Country-pop track, is full of catchy melodies & lyrics, which you can’t help but want to sing-along from the very time that you listen to it!

I feel that DevoN’s has such a pure vocal tone, which is just full of her sweet & strong personality. I feel that during this song, we get to see her personality shining through the lyrics, which help’s to draw your attention toward’s the song.

Overall, I believe that this song is a solid statement for DevoN’s incredible musical talent. I feel that their is something about her that just scream’s that she is a future superstar in the making. I honestly can’t wait to see where this talented ladies career take’s her, as I feel that she has such an amazing musical career ahead of her!

You can check out “Radio’s On” on Spotify below.

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