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Review: Lauren Presley Releases Debut EP ‘Sleepless’!

Lauren Presley Sleepless

Have you ever listened to a EP & thought that you were listening to the next big superstar? Well, that is exactly what I felt while I was listening to Lauren Presley’s debut EP ‘Sleepless’!

In all honesty. this EP left me feeling speechless. I am finding it hard to describe how much I am loving this EP, but without any write-up, this review would be incredibly boring & very unhelpful (Sorry guys!). So I will try my best to describe how much I am in la la love with this!

Lauren’s debut 6-track EP ‘Sleepless‘, is a perfect portrayal of her incredible natural  musical talent. I feel that album create’s a solid foundation for this talented artist’s evergrowing musical career by showcasing the purity of her music.

One of my favourite songs from this EP is “Wishing You Well”, as I feel that this song features a message that I believe is relatable to so many people, and features an element that just connect’s with you from the very first listen.

Overall, I have to say that this has to be one of my personal favourite EP’s not just of 2018, but of all time!

I find it incredibly hard to believe that this is Lauren’s debut album. I feel that this album is full of incredible & catchy songs that you just can’t but fall in love with. So my advice would be that when you decide to check out this EP, you might want to clear a long period in your diary, as you will be listening to every song over & over again.

Honestly, after listening to this EP, I just know for sure that Lauren has such a birght & exciting music career ahead of her. It honestly won’t be long before she it taking the world charts by storm.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below!

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