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Review: Wild Fire Release Brand New Single “Cure”!

Wild Fire Cure

Country sister duo, Kelli & Kayla Iutzwig, aka Wild Fire, have released their brand new single titled “Cure”!

The way that Kelli & Kayla’s vocals work together is completley magical. I feel that together their voices create such a unique & angelic element, which truly capture’s your attention from the very first listen.

For the song itself, I believe there is such an emotional element behind the lyrics, which really help’s you to lose yourself within the lyrics & melody of the song. The lyrics are very well catchy, yet full of such raw emotion. I just want to keep on listening to this song all day long!

I have to say that I believe Wild Fire are heading for an amazing musical career. Their voices are full of such emotion & passion, which really help’s to show their kind hearted nature, and if they continue to deliver such incredible song’s that help to showcase their creative musical talents, then there is not telling what these talented ladies are capable of.

You can check out “Cure” on Spotify below.

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