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Review: Chelsea Crites Releases Brand New Single “Ready For The Fight”!

Chelsea Crites Ready For The Fight

Country singer Chelsea Crites, has released her stunning brand new single titled “Ready For The Fight”!

For me, I feel that this song deliver’s a very strong and positive message, which really captures your attention from the very first listen. The power & passion behind the lyrics are brought to life through Chelsea’s emotional & angelic vocal tone.

I honestly believe that song is simply incredible. I found myself being drawn into the song from the very listen, and I can honestly say that this will on my playlist for a long while to come.

I have to say that Chelsea has a truly incredible & angelic voice, which perfectly showcases the passionate message behing the song. I can say with all my heart that I can see Chelsea having such an incredible musical career ahead of her.

You can check out “Ready For The Fight” on Spotify below.


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