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Review: Andrei Neagu Vocals Shine On “Camera Ta”!

andrei neagu camera ta
Photo: Andrei Neagu “Camera Ta” Official Video.

Andrei Neagu has recently released the official video for his single “Camera Ta”, which is set to feature on his upcoming debut album “VERSUS”!

Andrei spoke to us about the song claiming that “The song speaks about those situations when you make a promise to yourself that this is the last time with her, but you’re just too in love to give up on this”.

For me, I believe that the song beautifully bring’s out the emotional texture that features within Andrei’s vocal tone. I also love the catchy summer pop melody that features alongside the lyrics, as I feel that it really helps to bring the story of lyrics to life, and really help’s you to connect with the song.

The official video is a perfect accomplice for the song, as it bring’s the story behind the song to life in a very simple, yet creative way.

You can check out the official video for “Camera Ta” below!

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