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Review: Vic Allen Releases Brand New Single “Blinded”!

vic allen blinded

Following on from her EP ‘Between The Lines‘ , which was released earlier in the year. Country singer Vic Allen, has released her brand new single “Blinded”!

For me, this song beautifully bring’s out the emotional tone that features within Vic’s incredibly angelic voice. The lyrics are truly brought to life through the emotion and passion that Vic perform’s through the duration of the song.

From the very first listen, I felt myself feeling lost within the harmony of the song. I could easily tell that this song has a very strong connection with Vic, which really help’s you to connect even more with the song.

Overall, I believe that this song a stunning example of the truly talented and creative spirit that Vic possess. There is such a passionate and kind hearted energy that Vic always seem’s to showcase in her performance. When someone is this passionate & kind hearted, you just know that they are heading to such an amazing career.

You can check out “Blinded” on Spotify below.

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