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Review: Maddy Rose Releases Stunning New Track ‘The Unknown’!

Maddy Rose The Unknown

Maddy Rose has released the next track to feature on her upcoming EP ‘Blossom’, called ‘The Unknown’, which focuses on the unknown obstacles that we will face through our lives, but in the end we will be looking back at all the things we have faced, and all the wonder in life we have found along the way.

The lyrics really draw you in from the very first listen, and when the final note hits you. I can almost gurantee that you will be looking to hit that replay button.

The song perfectly showcases the unique elements within Maddy’s soulful voice, and really gives her a chance to show her unique musical style to the full.

I love how you find yourself feeling lost within both the lyrics and melody of the song, and just found myself not wanting this song to end.

I can say for certain that I am very excited to hear what songs are still to feature on her upcoming EP, and although the journy may seem “Unknown”. I think I can say with my hand on my heart, this talented lady has a very bright career in music ahead of her.

You can check out ‘The Unknown’ on Spotify below.

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