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Review: April Kry Releases Powerful New Single ‘Perfectly Imperfect’!

april kry perfectly imperfect

Country music star April Kry, has released her brand new single ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, and I can almost gurantee that you are going to fall in love with this from the very first listen!

For me, the lyrics behind ‘Perfectly Imperfect’, tells such a powerful story, which I believe each and every person has felt at some point in their lives. The way that April’s voice reflects the emotional element behind the lyrics of the song. Perfectly showcases this ladies incredible musical talent.

I honestly believe that April Kry has one of most unique and captivating vocals that you will ever hear, and the way that she is able to bring out a new layer of emotion on every new track that she releases, shows that there is so much more within this talented country star, which we are still yet to see.

Overall, I believe that this song showcases April’s incredible and pure musical talent to the max. The way the her angelic vocals work together with the emotional lyrics, really shows what a talented artist that she is. I just know that there is such a massive music career ahead of this incredibly talented singer!

You can check out ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ on Spotify below.


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