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5 Songs To Watch Out For At Eurovision 2018!

5 acts to keep an watch out for eurovision 2018

With the start of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 only a matter of days away. 43 countries will be performing in Lisbon, with the hope of topping the leader board, and not scoring the dreaded “Nul points”.

So with 43 songs to listen to during the upcoming Eurovision week, which songs should you be keeping and eye on?

In my honest opinion, I believe that there are so many amazing songs to feature within the contest this year, however I thought I would share with you a few songs that I think you should be keeping an eye on during this years contest. Enjoy!

Israel: Netta – ‘Toy’

One of the  bookmakers favourites to win Eurovision 2018. Israel have certainly put there mark on this years contest, with their unique performance, and unique lyrics, which are not only performed in English, but also…. Chicken!

Now, now. I know that you are currently questioning what you have just read, but you have not just read a very odd typo, this song officialy features chicken noises within it’s lyrics. Believe me, you will not understand how much you have been missing a song featuring chicken in your life, until you have heard this!

I can see this song creating quite and impact on the leader board, and who knows. Maybe first place could be on the cards.

Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef – ‘Lie To Me’

Another favourite with the bookmakers. Mikolas was one of the first few acts to be announced in the build-up to this years Eurovision Song Contest, and has remained a favourite ever since.

This catchy song really brings the party vibe every time that you listen to it, and is certainly one I think will be placing very highly in this years contest.

There was a slight worry for Mikolas, as he had suffered an injury during his first rehersal. However, he seem’s to be back and ready to take the stage. Wishing him a very speedy recovery!

Finland: Saara Aalto – ‘Monsters’

If you know anything about me, then you will know that I am a massive Saara Aalto fan. So you could imagine my excitment when it was announced that she would be representing Finland at this years Eurovision Song Contest.

The song really captures your attention within the first few seconds of listening and features a message, which I believe we can all connect with on a very deep level.

I believe that this song is going to place very highly on the leader board. Could it end up winning? Well, it certainly is a strong possibility.

Malta: Christabelle – ‘Taboo’

Christabelle has one of the sweetest personalities in the world, and the way that she is using her Eurovision moment to highlight such a powerful message. Is a true statement to the kind person that she is.

The song features a range of inspiring and powerful messages, and touches on a topic that many of us face on a daily basis.

The enchanting performance really reflects the emotion the lyrics, and really csptures your attention, and I honestly think that this song is going to connect with so many viewers during her performance.

Certainly a song to keep an eye on during this years contest!

Estonia: Elina Nechayeva – ‘La Forza’

One thing that not many people don’t know about me is that I am such a huge fan of opera, and this song is not only a favourite with the bookies, but also myself!

Elina has such an enchanting voice, and really brings out the emotion of the lyrics with her unique and angelic vocal tones.

From the first few rehersals. Elina’s performance really captivates the arena, and focuses on Elina’s incredible vocals.

Could Estonia be taking home the Eurovision 2018 title? Well, there is certainly a very strong chance!

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