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Review: Kaylee Rose Has ‘Good Intentions’ With Her Catchy New Single!

Kaylee rose good intentions

We have all been guilty of it. We have gone to give a compliment, or offer advise to somebody, but ended up saying one of the worst or stupid things we could have said at the time. Really awkward, right?

Now, Kaylee Rose is exploring this very awkward scenario with her brand new single ‘Good Intentions’.

I don’t think I have related to the lyrics of a song, as much as I have related to the lyrics from ‘Good Intentions’. The song really captures your attention straight away, and gets you dancing along within a few moments of listening.

I find that the song suits Kaylee’s voice perfectly, and really gives a her chance to showcase her unique and fresh musical style.

There is such a strong musical career ahead of Kaylee, and  ‘Good Intentions’ is definitely a perfect foundation for showcasing her incredible musical talent. I honestly can’t wait to see what is ahead for this superstar in the making.

You can check out ‘Good Intentions’ on Spotify below.

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