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Review: Caiti Baker Showcases Her Creative Musical Talent On ‘Zinc’!

Caiti Baker Zinc

Caiti Baker has shown her creative musical talent on her new masterpiece ‘Zinc’, which mixes together a range of musical style’s, while showcasing Caiti’s unique and creative musical talent.

For me, I believe that each song features a very unique element that shows the creative musical style of Caiti, and really gives her incredible vocals a chance to shine.

One song that really captured my attention was ‘I Won’t Sleep’, which really tells such an empowering story that really reflects in through the lyrics of the song. You can’t help but be drawn in after listening to the first few seconds of the song.

Overall, I believe that ‘Zinc’ features such a unique and fresh vibe, which really captures your attention from mixing a wide variety of musical style’s. Every song has an element that I love, and really show’s what a creative and unique musical talent that Caiti has.

With a fresh and creative musical talent like this. You just know that there is nothing that Caiti could not do. I highly suggest giving ‘Zinc’ a listen.

You can check out ‘Zinc’ on Spotify below.

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