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Review & Interview: Blair Dunlop Talks About His Latest Album ‘Notes From An Island’!

Blair Dunlop by Elly Lucas

Blair Dunlop has released his fourth studio album titled ‘Notes From An Island’, which mixes together a variety of unique sounds, and gives us a very strong taste of Blair’s creative musical style

Each song features a unique element that captures your attention within only a few moments of listening. The way each single leads into the next, really does help you to connect with the meaning behind the lyrics, and makes you want to listen to each song, over & over again.

I find that each song is filled with such passion, and the way that each song carries a different emotion, really showcases the unique quality behind Blair’s creative musical style.

Overall, I believe that this album really showcases Blair’s creative spirit, and gives him a chance to really show his unique musical talent. I would honestly suggest checking this out!

I have also had the oppertunity to interview Blair about his latest album, and you can read what he had to say below.

1. Hello Blair, thank you so much for taking the time for this interview. Could you start by telling me how you first fell in love with music?

“Hi, my pleasure! I come from a musical family so there was always music in the house, and I always had an instrument to mess around on. I guess it was kind of inevitable that I would be exposed to music, so I can’t remember a specific moment or reason for falling in love with music.”

2. Your brand new album ‘Notes From An Island’ features a unique variety of songs. Could you tell me about the inspirations behind your latest album?

“Well it’s a very personal album, definitely my most honest record, but it also has a thread of social commentary running through it. I began writing it in the aftermath of some personal turmoil in my personal life in 2016, and that was curiously mirrored in the national, political sphere. The album draws comparisons between the two I think, the human condition and the British condition.”

3. What are some of your personal favourite songs to feature on ‘Notes From An Island’?

” I’d say the opening three tracks… downhill from there. My favourite is probably the open ending track, Spices from the East. It’s a bit about colonialism, a bit about cooking.”

4. Now, ‘Notes From An Island’ is your fourth studio album to be released. How do you feel that your musical style has progressed from your first album ‘Blight and Blossom’ to ‘Notes From An Island’?

“I’ve definitely moved away from the traditional folk that I first played when I started gigging, and every album sounds further away from that folk pastiche. I’d say that much of my writing is still informed by the balladic, folk tradition though it’s not always as clearly evident.”

5. When you are not performing, what sort of things do you like to do in your spare time?

“I’m really into football, probably to the detriment of my social life. I mean, I’m into many things but football clearly tops the list. I also really like marine fish, if I didn’t tour I’d love to have a tank… One day!”

6. Who would you class as some of your biggest musical influences?

“There are so many! If I had to throw a few out there I’d say Jackson Browne and Andi’s Mitchell as writers… Nic Jones and Richard Thompson as guitarists. It feels ridiculous to only

name check those people but I’d be here all day otherwise. There are amazing and not so amazing artists in every genre!”

7. Finally, is there a message you would like to pass on to the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

“Meditate. Salt your pasta water.”

A massive thank you to Blair for this interview. You can check out ‘Notes From An Island’ on Spotify below.

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