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Review: Anna Bergendahl Releases New EP “We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes”!


anna we were never meant to be heroes

Yipe! Swedish musician Anna Bergendahl, has officialy released her brand new EP “We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes”.

The EP features 5 tracks, including the much acclaimed single ‘Vice’. The tracks included on this EP carry a very country-pop vibe, which is near enough always guranteed to capture my attention.

I feel that each song reflects Anna’s musical style in a very different way, which shows her creative diversity as a musician, while also staying very true to herself.

I honestly can’t just pick out one single from this EP, as I just love every song with all my heart. I know for a fact that I will be listening to this for a long while to come.

I have to give Anna massive respect for this incredible EP. The way that each song leads onto the next creates such a strong musical connection between Anna, and to anyone who listen’s to the EP. Amazing job Anna!

You can check out the full “We Were Never Meant To Be Heroes” EP on Spotify below.

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