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Review: Beth Crowley Releases Brand New Single ‘Eyes Wide Open’!

eyes wide open beth crowley

Beth Crowley has released the official lyric video for her brand new song ‘Eyes Wide Open’, which has been written for the epic fantasy novel “Glamour of Midnight” by Casey L. Bond.

We all have musician’s that whenever they release a new song, EP, album, we will drop everything & anything, and go and check it out. Well, one of those artists for me is Beth Crowley, because every time she releases a new song, I just know that I am in for a real treat, and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is no acception to this.

I love how the lyrics tell such an intresting and captivating story, which shows what a strong creative talent that Beth has.

I believe that song suits Beth’s stunning vocals, and really reflects the emotional energy that features within her voice perfectly.

You can check out the lyric video for ‘Eyes Wide Open’ below.

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