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Review: Madeline Merlo has everyone falling in love with her latest single ‘Neon Love’!

Madeline Merlo Neon Love

If you are looking for a song that could become a massive hit over the summer, then Madeline Merlo may have the perfect song for you, with her latest single ‘Neon Love’!

The song features a variety of catchy lyrics that describe Madeline’s view of todays bar scene, and gives us an insight to the creative spirit behind her incredible musical talent.

I believe that this song really showcases the unique harmonies of Madeline’s voice, and suits her musical styling perfectly.

I can see this going viral over the summer, and just know that it’s only a matter of time before Madeline will be taking the world by storm. She really does have the all the making’s of a future superstar!

You can check out ‘Neon Love’ on Spotify below.

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