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Review: Alex Stern Releases Incredible New Single ‘Think About You’!

alex stern think about you

Yipe, the wait is finally over! Alex Stern has released her highly anticipated brand new single ‘Think About You’.

You know that feeling when you put your headphones on, play some music, and find yourself lost within a whole new musical world? Well, that’s what I felt like when I started listening to ‘Think About You’. I could not help but find myself connecting with the lyrics on a very strong emotional level (I have no idea why!), and just wanting to listen to this song over, and over again.

The song really help’s capture the essence of Alex’s incredible voice, which is honestly something you need to hear, if you have not heard it already!

The song features a pop influenced production, with incredibly passionate lyrics. I believe this song perfectly incorporates Alex’s musical style, and gives you a chance to connect with her on a personal level.

You can check out ‘Think About You’ on Spotify below.

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