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Review: Saara Aalto Releases Powerful New Album ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’!

saara aalto wild wild wonderland

She will soon be taking the Eurovision stage by storm, but now, Saara Aalto has released her brand new album ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’!

You have no idea how excited I have been for this album, and now mine – along with many Saara Aalto fans – wait is finally over!

This album features a range of catchy songs, which perfectly portrays Saara’s unique and fun personality. I believe that this album really shows Saara for the unique and creative artist that she is, while also showcasing her powerful vocals to the max.

A few of my favourite tracks from this album, obviously include Saara’s Eurovision 2018 entry ‘Monsters’, ‘DANCE!!!’, ‘Queens’, ‘Sirens’, & ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’.

One song that really captured my attention was ‘Sirens’. I felt that the lyrics from this song really can connect with so many of us, on a very deep & emotional level. Plus, I believe that this song really brings out the pure and raw emotion featured within Saara’s voice.

Overall, I believe that this album is a perfect represtation of Saara’s creative musical talent, and features a variety of songs that could soon become future hits. Every single song perfectly represents a part of Saara’s personality, and that in my book, is the the sign of a truly talented artist. I would honestly suggest going to check out this album ASAP!

You can check out ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’ on Spotify below.

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