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Review: Kaitlyn Baker Releases Incredible New EP ‘Blackbird’!

Kaitlyn Baker Blackbird EP

I have been waiting with anticipation, but now the wait is finally over. Country music star Kaitlyn Baker has released her brand new EP ‘Blackbird’!

Do you ever get that feeling that you are going to love an album or EP before you even listen to it? Well, that is exactly how I felt about ‘Blackbird’, and boy was I right!

This EP features a variety of different tracks, with each song featuring it’s own unique story, which to me, is the sign of a truly talented and creative artist.

A couple of my favourite tracks to appear on the EP is ‘Blackbird’, ‘I Will’, ‘He’s My Addiction’, & ‘Running Out Of Time’.

One song that really speaks to me is ‘I Will’. The lyrics from this song really capture your attention from the very first listen. Plus, this song features such incredible and pure emotion, which really helps you to connect with it on a very deep and emotional level.

Overall, I believe that this EP really shows the true creative genius behind Kaitlyn, and shows the world what a truly talented musician that she is. I believe that each song really brings out the incredible emotion, which features deep within Kaitlyn’s unique and stunning vocals perfectly. I would honestly recommend ‘Blackbird’ to anyone.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.

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