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Review: My Indigo Releases Incredible New Album ‘My Indigo’!

My Indigo

Singer-songwriter Sharon den Adel, has embarked on her new musical journey adventure as My Indigo, & has now released her solo album ‘My Indigo’.

This album features a strong variety of songs, which really reflect’s the strong passion and emotion that features within Sharon’s unique & stunning voice.

The way that each song tells it’s own unique story, really helps you to connect with the pure and raw emotion behind every song, which really captures your attention & helps you to loose yourself within her music. After playing the first track ‘My Indigo’, I just knew that I was in for a real treat.

Some of my favourite songs to feature on this incredible album are of course ‘My Indigo’, ‘Indian Summer’, ‘Out Of The Darkness’, ‘Safe And Sound’, & ‘Star Crossed Lovers’.

One song that really captures your attention within the first few seconds of listening is ‘Star Crossed Lovers’. This song really speaks to me on so many levels, and all I want to do is keep this song on repeat.

I feel so honored to have had the privilege to listen to what I can only describe as a pure and incredible masterpiece of an album, which really reflects the pure emotion that features within her angelic and passionate voice. I honestly believe that this album perfectly showcases her incredible musical talent, and gives a chance to connect with her, on a very deep emotional level.

I can see this album becoming such a huge hit, because every single song has such a unique and pure story behind it, which to me, show’s what a unique and creative musician that she is. I also believe that songs like ‘Safe And Sound’ & ‘My Indigo’, really help you connect with this album on a very deep level, and perfectly show her incredible creative talent. I gurantee that this album is one you are going to want to hear!

You can check out ‘My Indigo’ on Spotify below.

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