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Review: Sam Lavery Releases Catchy New Single ‘For The Night’!

Sam Lavery For The Night

Since Sam Lavery announced that she was going to be releasing a new single, I have been not so patiently waiting, and now, the wait is finally over!

Sam’s latest single ‘For The Night’, lets us see a whole new side to Sam’s musical style, by letting her fun and cheeky personality shine through.

I have to say that after Sam’s two previous tracks – ‘Walk Away’ & ‘Beat Of You” – I was very excited to see what Sam was going to bring us next, and I have to say that I am very impressed, and love this song as much as I loved her previous two singles.

For me, the song perfectly showcases Sam’s stunning & unique voice to the max. While also bringing out another side of Sam’s voice that we have not heard before. This is one of the reasons why I love Sam’s music, because each time I hear a new single from her, it honestly feels that we are hearing another side to her voice, which to me is the sign of a very talented artist.

You can check out ‘For The Night’ on Spotify below.

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