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Review: 4th Impact Vocals Shine In Magical Version Of “Hallelujah”!

4th Impact
Photo: 4th Impact “Hallelujah” YouTube Video.

4th Impact have released their own version of Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah”, which gives them a chance to showcase their unique and powerful vocals.

The song perfectly suits their vocals, and really gives them a chance to show the unique qualities, which lies within their incredible vocals.

The way that 4th Impact always find a way of showing the passion that features within their voices, in whatever song they perform, really shows what passionate perfomers they are, and in my mind that is the sign of truly talented artists.

I honestly believe that 4th Impact are some of the most talented singers that I have ever heard, and I always find it a real treat to listen to their music.

You can check out 4th Impact’s version of “Hallelujah” below!


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