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Review: Caroline Jones Releases Her Stunning New Album “Bare Feet”!

Caroline Jones Bare Feet Album

The incredibly talented country musician Caroline Jones has released her brand stunning new album “Bare Feet”, and I thought I would share with you guys a little review!

For me, this album features a range of very personal songs, which really reflects within Caroline’s unique and angelic voice.

I believe that each song features it’s own individual and personal story, which really helps to capture your attention when you are listening to the full album. I honestly found myself loving every song that features on the album, and now all I want to do is keep on listening to it on repeat.

A number of my favourite songs from the album include “Rise (Sing It Loud)”, “Bare Feet”, “Country Girl”, “Twilight’s Cryin'”, “Tough Guys”, & “One Of These Days”.

One song that really captures your attention is “Country Girl“, which features such a personal and emotional story within it’s lyrics. I love how Caroline let’s us get a taste of her life story, while showcasing her unique and pure vocals. For me, this is the sign of such a passionate performer.

A song that I find myself really connecting with is “Tough Guys“, which I found myself listening to on repeat. I am honestly wondering why it has taken so long for this song to come into my life.

Overall, I have to give Caroline such credit for creating such a pure and emotional album, while really reflects not only her sweet & passionate personality, but also her creative musical talent. I really believe that this album really shows Caroline for the incredible artist that I know many of us believe that she is, and you just know that there is such a strong and bright future ahead for this superstar!

You can find Caroline Jones album “Bare Feet” on Spotify below.

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