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Review: Genevieve Fisher Vocals Shine On Emotional Song “Between You And Me”!

between you and me

Genevieve Fisher has released the official video for her incredible single “Between You And Me”.

For me, the song features a range of pure and raw emotion, which really captures your attention from the very first time that you hear it.

I also believe that this song really showcases the incredible tone behind Genevieve’s truly remarkable voice, and really gives us a chance to connect with the emotion that shine’s through the duration of the song.

The official video really reflects the meaning the behind the lyrics of the song, and brings out the pure emotion behind the song. I believe that the production behind the official video helps to bring out the deep emotion of the song with a very captivating story.

Overall, I believe that this song really shows Genevieve for the truly talented musician that she is, and really brings out the pure emotion that lies within her angelic voice.

You can check out the official video for “Between You And Me” below.

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