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Review: Kayla Woodson Releases Incredible New Single “Unfixable”!

kayla unfixable

Kayla Woodson has released her brand new single “Unfixable”, which I gurantee is a song that you will be wanting to check out!

This song really showcases the incredible and pure talent that features within Kayla’s voice, and really gives a chance for you to connect with Kayla on a musical & emotional level.

The lyrics are full of such incredible passion that I found myself getting lost within the music within the first few moments of listening.

I have to say that this song really gives a chance for Kayla to shine, and for me, I honestly believe that the emotion and passion that feature within the vocals and lyrics of this song, create what I can only describe as a future hit.

You can check out “Unfixable” on Spotify below!

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