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Top 100 Songs Released in 2017 – Part Nine!

List Number Nine

With 2017 slowly coming to an end, I have been taking a look back at a few of the amazing songs that have been released this past year, and today I bring you the next 10 songs from my top 100 songs from 2017!

Please note. These songs are not ranked in any order as I love all the songs so much, so basically found it impossible to rank the songs in any order.

I hope you enjoy!

Maisie Peters – Place We Were Made

This song perfectly matches the sweet and delicate nature of Maisie’s stunning voice, and really draws you in with its captivating lyrics. Definitely a song I would recommend to anyone!

Descendants 2 Cast – Ways To Be Wicked

With the Descendants 2 film being released earlier this year, many of us waited to hear what songs would be featured in the movie, and it is 100% safe to say we were not disappointed!

One of the stand out songs from the film was the opening number “Ways To Be Wicked”. This song has you singing along from the very time you hear it, and really gives a fantastic intro into the movie.

Louisa Johnson – Best Behaviour

Louisa really has such a unique and passionate tone to her voice that really suits the melody behind “Best Behaviour” perfectly.

This song will have you up and dancing along from the very time that you hear it!

Camila Cabello – Real Friends

Camila has had a fantastic year with her music, from the catchy “Crying In The Club” to the smash hit “Havana” there seems there can be no stopping her (And rightly so!).

I believe that Camila’s voice suits the tone for “Real Friends” perfectly, which really draws you in and makes you want to keep on listening to the song over and over again.

Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Another person who has had a fantastic year with their music is of course the very talented Ed Sheeran.

From breaking records with his album “÷”, Ed has shown everyone what a strong and passionate musical talent he has.

One song from the album that I completely adore is the song “Perfect”, which I believe suits the tone and style of Ed’s beautiful and soulful voice.

Rachel Platten – Perfect For You

With the release of her stunning new album “Waves” not long ago, Rachel has given us some absolutely stunning & passionate songs this year.

One song that I believe really reflects the passion behind Rachel’s voice is “Perfect For You”, which in my opinion shows what a truly talented musician Rachel is.


When ISA released this song earlier this year, I honestly had tears in my eyes after the first time that I heard it.

I honestly believe it shows what a talented person ISA is, and really reflects the strong passion within her voice. I would honestly suggest checking out this song!

Lights – Almost Had Me

In 2017, Lights has really shown us what a diverse and talented artist she really is. With the release of her latest album “Skin & Earth”, Lights has really shown her musical game to the max!

One of the songs to feature on the album is “Almost Had Me”, which really suits the emotion behind Lights stunning and breath taking voice perfectly. You should honestly check this out!

Olivia Lane – Devil & You

Oliva Lane has such a stunning and unique voice that suits the style behind “Devil & You” so perfectly well.

The song reflects emotions I believe we have all experienced at some point, and I believe that is why I love it so much!

Illenium & Kerli – Sound Of Walking Away

I was so excited when I heard about this collaboration, and it is very safe to say I was far from disappointed when it was finally released!

Kerli has such a unique and talented voice, which suits the pure and emotional lyrics behind the song so beautifully well. I still can’t stop listening to this!

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