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Review: Rachel Platten releases emotional & touching new album ‘Waves’!

Rachel Platten Waves

It’s finally here! Other the past few months, Rachel Platten has been building-up to her album release, with songs such as “Broken Glass” & “Perfect For You”, and now the moment we have all been waiting for is here!

That’s right, ‘Waves’ is now officially out for the world to see, and after listening to this album, I definitely believe that this is an album the world needs to hear!

‘Waves’ is the second album from Rachel, and features a wide range of musical styles, while keeping Rachel’s unique musical style. Each song features a different style from the last, which makes it more exciting, as you have no idea what is coming next, and that for me, really makes you want to keep on listening.

You can tell how personal this album is for Rachel, as each song tells a different story, which shows the signs of a truly talented musical artist.

Some of my personal favourites from the album include “Broken Glass”, “Keep Up”, “Loose Ends”, “Hands”, and “Grace”. There are a number of songs on the album which will touch your heart, with “Hands” being one. This song almost brought a tear to my eye, you can tell how personal this song is to Rachel, and that emotion just passes on to you.

Overall, there isn’t much left to say, because the music from the album speaks more than I could say. I honestly believe this album shows what a talented artist Rachel is, and I honestly believe this album will go down as one of the best albums from 2017.

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You can listen to the album on Spotify, or purchase digital or physical copies (Thank you @BrokenPlattenum for the tip) by clicking here. You can check out the album on Spotify below.