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Review: Benji & Fede Team Up With Sweet California On Stunning “Solo por una Razón”!

Sweet california Benji
Photo: Benji & Fede Ft Sweet California “Solo por una Razón” Official Video.

The talented duo Benji & Fede have teamed up with Spanish girl group Sweet California for “Solo por una Razón“& this is a song you are not going to help but love.

The song is a very catchy song, with a melody that will get stuck inside your head from the very time you listen to it. You won’t help but la la love it!

Also, The way Sweet California & Benji & Fede’s voices blend together on track, is really something to behold. I just love how well all of their vocals work together, and I doubt I am the only one wanting to see more collabs from them in the future.

You can check out the official video for “Solo por una Razón” below.

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