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5 Of My Favourite Songs From The Descendants Films!

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With the release of Descendants 2 only a few days ago, I’m sure I am not the only one currently singing out “Ways To Be Wicked”, or just “Chillin’ Like A Villian”. So I thought I would share with you 5 of my favourite songs from the Descendants films!

Please note. This is just my opinion, and to be honest I love all the songs in one way or another, to be honest, who doesn’t?

Rotten To The Core

A fun catchy song, that gets stuck inside your head from the very first time you hear it.

With a song you can’t help but dance and sing along everytime that you hear it. What is there not to love about this song?

Ways To Be Wicked

“Crashing the party, guess they lost my invitation”, this is a song that you can’t help put want to keep replaying!

This song is just really catchy, and will have you dancing along with a few seconds of listening.

If Only

The emotion behind the lyrics for “If Only” is just stunning. I honestly believe that there are so many of us who can relate to this song in some way, so that alone draws you more into the song.

The way that Dove uses the pure emotion from her beautiful vocal tone in the song, really does add another layer of emotion to the song.

I will honestly listen to this song when I feel a little blue because it really does cheer me up. Thanks Dove!

Space Between

Dove & Sofia performing a duet together? Goals!

Even before I heard this song, I just knew it was going to be amazing, and I was right. Sofia & Dove’s voices just work so well together, and the song “Space Between”, is the perfect song to show off the emotional tone to both of their vocals.

It’s Goin Down

“Who’s the baddest of them all? I guess we’re finding out tonight!” tuuuune!

This song is just so so so so so so catchy, that you can’t help but get the lyrics stuck in your head from the first time you hear it. Also, there is a risk you might want to start singing this at random, so if you have not heard this yet be warned!

I think this is one of the most fun songs from the films, and if you love songs that just get stuck inside your head, then this is a song for you!



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