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5 Of My Favourite X Factor UK Performances!

X Factor UK Fav

With The X Factor UK 2018 expected within a matter of weeks (Wahoo!), I thought I would share with you guys some of my favourite performances from the show over the past few years.

Over the the next few weeks, I will be showing you guys some of my favourite performances from over the years, from the X Factor UK. Today, I will be bringing you my first set of favourites from the show. Enjoy!

  • 4th Impact – Bang Bang

One of my favourite auditions for X Factor UK, EVER!

4th Impact really owned the stage in their first audition. With their passionate spirit & stunning vocals, it was not a big surprise that they were going to be heading to the next round.

I honestly believe their version of “Bang Bang” was very strong, and gave a chance for them to show their stunning & powerful vocals.

  • Amelia Lily – The Show Must Go On

Who else was was really happy when Amelia was voted back in? Me, Me, Me!

When Amelia returned to the show, I think we were all excited to see what she was going to sing, but I don’t think any of us were ready for her amazing version of “The Show Must Go On”.

Her vocals really did shine through the performance, and I think it really gave us a chance to see her for the amazing singer that she is.

  • Little Mix – E.T

I think there is so many performances from Little Mix time on X Factor that I could list here, but for now I am going with “E.T”.

This performance for me really showed Little Mix for the very talented artists that they are, and I honestly think after seeing this, it was pretty clear that Little Mix were going to be heading for a huge career.

  • Saara Aalto – Chandelier

Fan of Saara Aalto? Check. Fan of the X Factor UK? Check. Got super excited when Saara went on X Factor UK? Check, Check, Check!

I have to say that Saara is such a talented artist, with a very unique voice, and I honestly believe that “Chandelier” is the perfect song for her to sing.

Her audition version was very strong, and her live show performance was even better. Her vocals on the night was stunning, and really did give me goosebumps.

  • Ruth Lorenzo – Purple Rain

With such a unique and stunning voice like Ruth’s, I really don’t think there isn’t much she could not sing, and I think her performance of “Purple Rain” really does prove my point.

For me, Ruth’s version of “Purple Rain” was just amazing, and her stunning vocals on the night really did draw you into the emotion of the song, and also her voice.


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