Hell In A Cell 2016: A Night In Women’s Wrestling History.

Photo: WWE

Last night WWE hosted their annual PPV event, Hell In A Cell. There were many classic and amazing moments through the night, but there was one match i think we can agree on, certainly has it’s mark in the history of Women’s wrestling.

Before we get to that match, it’s 100% worth mentioning the match between Bayley and Dana, which certainly had some great moments. Bayley went onto win the match with her finisher move Bayley-To-Belly. Bayley and Dana certainly worked well of each other during this match, and it certainly was entertaining to watch.

The final match of Hell In A Cell 2016 was a Hell In A Cell match for the WWE RAW’s Women’s Championship between current champion Sasha Banks & Charlotte. This was the first ever Women’s Hell In A Cell match, and all eyes were going to be on this match, and both Charlotte and Sasha certainly gave everything they had.

After a very thrilling match, Charlotte came out victorious, to become a three time Women’s Champion. However, in my eyes I feel that both Charlotte and Sasha were winners last night. Both Women gave their heart and souls into this match, and will certainly inspire a future generation of wrestlers.

They should both be extremely proud of what they achieved last night. I think myself, along with the WWE universe, are excited to see what the next chapter of the WWE RAW Women’s Championship will be.