Hell In A Cell 2015 -My First PPV, A Thank You To Nikki Bella & Charlotte.

For the past few years I have been a huge fan of wrestling, but when I ever tried to share my love for it with past friends/acquaintances the responces would be “Why do you like that?”, or the one one that hurt the most “You are a girl, you should not like it” (yes people have really said this to me). So instead I just hid my love for it in secret and never mentioned it to anyone. I would sit in my room catching up on matches through YouTube or a UK TV channel called Challenge, wondering if someone would ever say it was okay to like wrestling.

Several years later (2015) I met a lovely person during a college course we were studying (They were on their second year of it, I was on my first) and we became (and still) really good friends. After several months of knowing each other we were in a coffee shop catching up, when they brought up that they really liked WWE, which I replied “So do I”. I paused almost after I said it, and thought back to the past comments of what people had said to me before. Thoughts ran through my head of what his reply would be, but the reply was something like “Omg you do? That is so cool!”. I was so happy that finally someone accepted my love for wrestling and I did not have to hide it anymore.

As me and my friend started chatting about WWE and some of our favourite wrestlers, we remembered that Hell In A Cell 2015 was on in a few days. I said we could catch on YouTube the morning after, to which he looked confused saying that we could stay up and watch. Stay up and watch? How? I wondered. He went onto explain how he would stay up and watch WWE and told me how I could watch also. I quickly got excited, my first PPV!

As the day for Hell In A Cell arrived, I decided to quickly brush up on the match card for the PPV. Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker, Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt, Charlotte vs Nikki Bella……. Wait. Charlotte vs Nikki Bella? My excitement level went through the roof (I love both wrestlers, what can I say). I did a quick (5 hour….) YouTube catch up on the Women wrestlers of WWE, and the storyline behind Nikki Bella and Charlotte, so I could decide who I wanted to cheer for, and after all that I decided that I wanted…. Both to win (I love both, it was impossible to decide!).

As Hell In A Cell aired, I sat back and started watching my first live PPV (With popcorn of course!). As the night went on my, I was getting more and more excited for Nikki vs Charlotte, and sure enough, it was time. As Nikki Bella and Charlotte wrestled it out in the ring, I felt inspired by the determination of both of them, and felt so happy to be able to watch the match live. After Charlotte won the match I felt so happy for her, but sad for Nikki also (Hey I was cheering both). This match was incredible, and both women were (and still very much) inspirational.

After Hell In A Cell finished, I sat back, and thought about how happy I felt, and how inspired I felt by Nikki and Charlotte’s match. I also thought “Why should I listen to what people think about me watching wrestling?” If you enjoy something, why should what people think stop you?

So, what I want to say is a massive thank you to Nikki Bella & Charlotte for inspiring me to continue following wrestling, and to all the female wrestlers for inspiring me in many different ways. You really don’t know how much you have helped me the past year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



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