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REVIEW: Stacey Kelleher Releases The New Single “UFO”!

Nashville indie-pop singer-songwriter Stacey Kelleher provides sonic soundscapes that narrate introspectively projective moments, which connect with listeners on intimately delving levels.

Following the recent success of the highly acclaimed single “Overcommitted”, Stacey unveils the second single from the upcoming EP, “UFO”

Co-written alongside Cole Miracle & Emily Gurklis, this latest single centres around a relationship that feels too good to be true & how you would feel without them.

The song carries a dreamy production that exudes a propelling atmospheric layer reminiscent of the lyrical heart of this attention-grabbing production.

Stacey shares an emotionally driving performance highlighting the heart-warming honesty that plays a major factor in this immensely delving composition.

This song is another exciting musical piece that showcases the incredible musical talent that Stacey possesses & leaves a lasting impression on listeners.

You can check out “UFO” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

Stacey Kelleher: Website / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok.

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