KTJ & CARLY ESSAY: In My Ways “Caught Between The Past And The Present: The Art Of Small Talk And The Fear Of Vulnerability”.

Highly acclaimed singer-songwriters & producers KTJ & CARLY have swiftly created an impression on the global music scene through an array of ear-catching tracks such as “Shitty People,” “Pink Ferrari”, & “Nice Guy But”. 

In the summer of 2022, this talented duo launched their first-ever headlining tour in support of their EP ‘Ego Death’ & recently performed at the famous Troubadour in West Hollywood. Now, KTJ & CARLY share their brand new single, “In My Ways”, which is the second single from the upcoming “Nuketown”, due for release this summer. 

KTJ & CARLY have kindly worked on an essay for Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding their brand-new single & you can check their emotionally telling story below.

In My Ways: “Caught Between the Past and the Present: The Art of Small Talk and the Fear of Vulnerability”

It’s a strange feeling to run into someone from your past, especially when that person was once a close friend, lover, or adjacent. Memories flood back; you’re reminded of a time when you used to share the deepest and most secret parts of yourself with them. Now, as you stand in front of them, it’s so much easier to revert to small talk than to engage in a deep conversation.

There’s a reason why we resort to small talk when we run into someone from our past. It’s a way of protecting ourselves from the vulnerability that comes with sharing our true thoughts and feelings. Small talk is safe and superficial, and it allows us to keep our guard up. We can talk about the weather, our jobs, and our families without revealing anything too personal.

It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when we used to share everything with this person. We would stay up late into the night, talking about our hopes, fears, and dreams. We would reveal our deepest insecurities and share our most significant accomplishments. We felt safe with them and knew that we could trust them with our most intimate thoughts and feelings.

So, why is it so hard to do that now? Why am I asking this stranger, who was once a part of my world, how they feel about the weather today? Like I don’t want to ask them a million different questions? 

The truth is that people change. We change, and so do the people around us. The person we used to confide in might not be the same person anymore. Maybe they’ve changed their values or beliefs, or perhaps they’ve been through some significant life changes that have altered their perspective. Maybe they don’t agree on a deep topic like they used to.

In some cases, the reason we don’t engage in deep conversations with people from our past is that it can be too painful. It’s difficult to revisit and rehash the past. It’s much easier to focus on the present and keep things light and casual.

We risk a new meaningful connection because we’re afraid of being judged, in pain, or that it will feel different in a wrong way. When we open up to someone, we’re putting ourselves in a vulnerable position. We’re revealing our flaws and weaknesses, and there’s always the risk that the other person might judge us or reject us. The reality of it is; that everything changes and fades. As people go from strangers to friends to strangers, etc., no matter where we are in our lives, the one constant is that the weather is the most honest medium, and it will always be there to fill the silent gaps. 

Our song, “In My Ways,”  is about the inner turmoil that ensues during these encounters. What you want to say, versus what you say; how you feel versus how you represent yourself… Who you are, versus who you are trying to seem like. 

The lyrics delve into the conflicting emotions that come up when we run into our past. It speaks of the desire to open up and reconnect with this person, but also the fear of being vulnerable and exposing ourselves to potential pain. It’s a universal experience that many of us can relate to, and the song was meant to capture the essence of that struggle.

At the same time, “In My Ways” is also a reminder that change is an inevitable part of life. People come and go, and relationships evolve. It’s natural to feel nostalgic and long for the past, but it’s also essential to recognize that we can’t always go back to the way things used to be. Instead, we must learn to embrace the present and look forward to the future. Sometimes, that means letting go of people and things that no longer serve us and focusing on new opportunities for growth and connection.

Ultimately, “In My Ways” is a powerful and poignant reflection on the complexity of human relationships and the ever-evolving nature of our lives. Through its lyrics and melodies, the song invites us to explore our own experiences of reconnecting with people from our past and to reflect on the ways in which we can continue to grow and evolve, even as our lives take us in different directions.

You can check out “In My Ways” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

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