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REVIEW: Charlotte Morris Releases The New Single “Tennessee”!

Nashville-based Country-Americana singer-songwriter Charlotte Morris unveils the heartfelt new single “Tennessee”.

Speaking about the release, Charlotte shared “I was totally infatuated with the city, and the summer was a whirlwind of sunny days, firstdates, lake swims, long hikes… basically living in a bit of a fantasy land – summer camp for adults. But as I started to settle in, I also started to snap back to reality. I had moved here for a reason; plus, I’m a real adult now (yikes!) and have responsibilities.”

“I think that the pairing of whimsy and realism create a sense of nostalgia that is almost tangible throughout the song. We all have those days that, 50 years from now, we’ll look back on and smile. The people might not still be around; maybe you’ve moved; maybe yourlife looks completely different. But those days shaped you, and gave you life. For me, those days will always include my first summer in Tennessee. Those carefree days were fleeting,but they paved the way for me to build a stable life in this city that will always hold a placein my heart. The song will always serve as a reminder of that.”

With the recent legislative action happening in Tennessee, Charlotte wants to encourage all listeners to donate to the ACLU’s Support the Drag Defense Fund, a campaign that champions drag performers and the LGBTQ+ community. Whether through song orthrough drag, all artists should have the right to perform their craft.

The song features an arrangement of acoustic guitars & strings to provide an instrumental that provides a sense of reassurance for listeners & lays a solid guiding foundation for Charlotte to produce an expressively artistic performance that leaves a comforting impression.

Charlotte provides a charismatically charming performance that reflects the humble nostalgia that flows from the lyrical heart of this reminiscent composition & leaves listeners with an impression of the emotionally guiding charisma that forms within this artist’s captivating vocals.

This song truly represents the intensely drawing factors within Charlotte’s artistic spirit & leaves a lasting impression on listeners. An amazing song by an amazing artist!

You can check out the official video for “Tennessee” below or on more platforms here.

Charlotte Morris: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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