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REVIEW: Olivia Lynn Releases The New Single “Breakups”!

Following the recent success of singles such as “Ain’t It A Shame” & “I Saw Red”, UK Country-pop singer-songwriter Olivia Lynn shares the brand new single “Breakups”!

In this new release, Olivia demonstrates a new side to her lyrical style by centring this song around a breakup that isn’t essentially final.

The song carries a country-pop influence that gradually strides alongside the lyrical foundation to provide a memorable tune that will leave you hitting replay.

Olivia provides a passionately-driven performance that highlights the emotionally versatile range that she possesses & captures the dynamic heart of this captivating release.

This song portrays an unexplored lyrical factor of Olivia’s artistry & accentuates the vocal versatility that resides with the harmonic undertones of her vibrantly charismatic voice.

You can check out “Breakups” on Spotify below or on Apple Music here.

Olivia Lynn: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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