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REVIEW: Malissa Whitehouse Releases The New Single “Simple”!

Singer-songwriter & TV writer Malissa Whitehouse unveils the brand new single “Simple”, which centres around uncovering your way through life & how the right person can journey towards you when you least expect it.

The song carries a gradually striding instrumental that lays a soulfully gracing foundation for the lyrical heart to speak volumes.

Malissa provides an accentuating performance that highlights the drawing tones within the intensely harbouring core of her charismatically expressing vocals.

Overall, Malissa possesses a truly pushing musical artistry that strides on a variety of emotionally drawing tones & heartfelt creativity. A remarkably refined talent who can pave a striking impact on the music scene.

You can check out “Simple” on Spotify below or on more platforms here.

Malissa Whitehouse: Website / Twitter / Instagram.

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