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REVIEW: Molly Warburton Releases The Brand New Single “Midnight Hour”!

Charasmatically channelling singer-songwriter Molly Warburton showcases a striking variety of indie-pop melodies & powerhouse vocal energy to create a standout sound that reflects unparalleled strength and individuality.

Not long ago, Molly unveiled the brand new single “Midnight Hour”, which recounts a moment of realisation after recognising areas in your life that are holding you back.

Speaking about the new release, Molly states “Midnight Hour was written about two friends of mine. The song is about being in a dead-end relationship with someone but having a moment of madness with someone else in your friendship group – a so-called “stranger” in the song. When you can’t stop thinking about what you could have and fantasising about how young and free it would make you feel but in reality it isn’t something that would work or something anyone could ever know about.” 

Through euphoric synths & indie-pop influences, this latest mid-tempo release features an ear-catching sound that instantly catches your attention.

The foundation of this song provides Molly with the chance to deliver an emotion-filled performance that highlights the uniqueness within the dynamic tendencies of the vocal range possessed.

This latest release highlights Molly’s creative lyrical storytelling by expressing a host of heartfelt lyrics that centre around new-found confidence & self-worth, which immediately proceed towards an instant connection with listeners.

Overall, this song is another exciting chapter in Molly’s ever-growing musical journey & paints the way for listeners to experience the lyrical artistry that comes from Molly’s vibrant talent.

You can check out “Midnight Hour” on Spotify below or via more platforms here.

Molly Warburton: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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