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REVIEW: Tricia Lo Releases Moving New Single “I Want You Back”!

Alternative-pop singer-songwriter & producer Tricia Lo brings a sense of hauling heartfelt emotion with the brand new single “I Want You Back”.

This latest release is a tribute to Tricia’s grandmother, who unexpectedly passed away when the singer was 21 years old. The song explores the grief & loss of saying goodbye to someone holding a special place within your heart & the struggle moving forward.

Tricia provides an emotionally compelling performance that accentuates the dynamic sentimental tones within her incredible vocals & emphasises the lyrical heart of this deeply moving composition.

This song showcases the heartfelt creativity this gifted songwriter possesses & provides listeners with a personally stirring soundscape that communes instantly.

You can check out the video for “I Want You Back” below or listen on more platforms here.

Tricia Lo: Instagram.

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