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REVIEW: Bailey James Releases The Brand New Single “Change Your Number”!

Country singer-songwriter Bailey James brings a twist on a definitive break-up anthem with the brand-new single “Change Your Number”.

Written by Bailey James & produced by Matt Wallace (Jelly Roll), this latest release centres around first loves & trying to navigate what love could be.

The song carries a country-influenced instrumental with a host of classic & contemporary rock elements to create an engaging tone that will leave listeners coming back for more.

Bailey delivers a vibrantly driving performance that illustrates the lyrical core of this engrossing composition & displays the dynamically energetic power within Bailey’s vocal undertone.

This song embodies the industrious musical creativity that Bailey possesses & conveys the characteristic lyrical storytelling that we have come to love from this gifted artist.

You can check out the official video for “Change Your Number” below & listen on more platforms here.

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